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Name : GCH, CH, OH BIS, PBIS Imari's Wildest Dream

Call Name : Taiga

AKC : HP 42866811

Sire : MBIS, MBPIS, MBISS (hounds) , AM GCH /CAN GCH HPK Tropaco Troyan Argos

of Coso, RN, HIC, Therapy Dog, CGN, VDX AOM Am CGC, JC

Dam : PBIS GCH Kimani's Princess of Imari , QC

Breeder : Mija Cyphert

Hips : Excellent

Elbows : Normal

Thyroid :Normal

Cardiac :Normal

Eyes :Normal

DM : Carrier

Dentation : Full

Bite : Correct

Titles : PBIS , OH BIS, GCH

Temprament : Sweet, spunky, sound and very confidant girl with a strong desire to learn and please .

Taiga is from the long expected breeding of our sweet and gorgeous Lexi (You can read more about Lexi on her page) to the amazing, smart and handsome Argos. Taiga captured our heart as soon as we saw here in the whelping box. She had so much character and personality that when the time came to choose which puppy we will keep, it was no question that Taiga was the one. We could not imagine our life with Taiga . She is just so full of happiness, energy, innocence and pure love. She loves kids, other dogs and animals and she puts a smile on our face daily. She is also very smart girl. As a puppy she waited for her siblings to fall asleep and then she would find a way to break out of the puppy pen and come for some one on one snuggle time with us. She learns very quickly and loves to please her family. When she matures, she will be an amazing lure courser with her high pray drive and her agility. She also has a very good nose and one day she will become a great tracker. No obstacle is too big for this spunky little girl and the sky is the limit with her amazing spirit. I feel very blessed to have her and I can't wait for all the adventures that are waiting for us in future. She sure is a lots of fun.

Taiga barely started her show career and has already become the best beginner puppy in the show and Puppy Group 1. I can't wait for her to continue her show career and to get her back into the show ring. I think we have lots of days filled with fun and excitment ahead of us. There is still a lot to learn for both of us but we are both ready for the challenge and can’t wait to get out there.

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