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Imari's The Gift of Life

Born 03/10/2015

Sire : Tahari's Son of Anarchy "Teller"

Dam: Imari's Wildest Dream "Taiga"

Gaia is sweet, silly and athletic . Gaia doesn't have that

typical RR personality.

There is no such a thing as reserve with

strangers when it comes to Gaia. She loves people, she

loves attention and she wants to please you. She is the

life of every party and every who meets her can't help it

but fall in love with her.

Gaia is health tested with excellent results. OFA Hips

Excellent, Elbows Normal, Normal Heart, Eyes, Thyroid,

Degenerative Myelopathy and Deafness


Imari's Soul of Unity

Born 04/10/2017

Sire: Imari & LionLamb's Monday's Son

Dam: Imari's Wildest Dream

Chloe, the most amazing dog we ever had. She is

sweet, kind ,patient and loving. Chloe wants you to be

happy and she is here for you to make it happen. Her

kind heart and devotion is something we treasure

dearly on her.

We are waiting for Chloe to turn 2 years of age so she

can be health tested.


Imari & LionLamb's Power of Prayer

Born on 06/15/2015

Faith is our very rare Light Wheaten colored

Ridgeback. She is smart, athletic and kind.

Faith is our huntress. She is very intoned with her

natural instincts

and has amazing survival skills. She is patient and

loves to cuddle but is also respectful to our space.

She is the quiet genius in the corner of the room.

Faith did pass her health clearances with excellent results. OFA Hips Excellent ,

OFA Elbows Normal , Normal Heart, Eyes, Thyroid Degenerative Myelopathy and


" Cleo"

Imari & LionLamb's Ray of Light

Born 06/15/ 2015

Sire: GCH LionLamb's Prodigal Son

Dam: GCH Kimani's Princes of Imari

Cleo is very easy going, royal and patient. Cleo is wonderful

loving and carring Mother. She carries that personality in to

relationships with humans too. Cleo is a blessing to have around.

Cleo is health tested with Excellent OFA Hips, Normal Elbows, Normal

Thyroid, Eyes, Heart, Degenerative Myelopathy and Deafness

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